5 Audio Drama Podcasts to Get You Through Quarantine


In our quest for fun quarantine experiences we’ve turned our couches into shopping malls, front row seats to concerts, and movie theater seats. How about a little theater of the mind? These scripted podcasts are your new favorite escape. Whether you enjoy horror, comedy, sci-fi or romance, there is definitely a great scripted podcast out there for you. You can find these podcasts on Apple Podcast, Stitcher and Soundcloud.

Alice Isn’t Dead

In need of answers about her wife’s disappearance, Keisha Tyler sets out on a cross-country trek to find her. The further she gets away from home, the more she realizes each city she stops in holds secrets and other-worldly characters connected by one big conspiracy. When Keisha gets a job at the trucking company her wife worked for to attempt to get answers, she realizes the truth may cost her life.


In a social experiment gone wrong, more than 300 people went missing from a new town developed to be a Utopian society – Limetown, Tennessee. One of the people who went missing was a family member of Lia Haddock, a reporter for American Public Radio. In an attempt to get some answers, she begins investigating, interviewing some of the few surviving citizens of the town, but she soon realizes she’s being watched and there are forces working to silence her – forever.


A hot shot, pro football player, X, gets blindsided with the discovery that his sexuality may be more complex than he realized. While attempting to work through his feelings, he grapples with the expectations his agents, teammates and crew have of him. Though he wanted to go through this self-discovery in private, he soon realizes that may not be possible.

The Shadows

Get your fix of all the RomCom feels with the story of Kaitlin and Charlie. The two meet in a puppeteering class, working together on a show and, in true RomCom fashion, they develop feelings for each other. This podcast follows the evolution of their love and the development of their dislike for one another in a string of small moments that anyone who’s been in love can relate to.

Lif-e.af/ter Podcast

To cope with the death of his girlfriend, Ross, a low-level employee at the FBI, replays voice messages she left him on an app called Lif-e.af/ter. Though content with re-listening to these old messages, he’s stunned to one day open the app and find that his girlfriend verbally responding to him in real time through the app. Shocked and confused about how this was occurring, he went down a rabbit hole to access sensitive info that he would soon learn would get him in a world of trouble. Listen now!

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