Stocking Stuffers for Cocktail Lovers


That aunt who makes the bomb cocktails wants some cool tools, accessories and, well, cocktails! Luckily, you can come in clutch with all of the nifty mixology gear. Here’s a few ideas for some stocking stuffers.

Ice cube molds

Garnishes and salt rims aren’t the only ways to add color or decoration to your cocktails. Cocktail lovers everywhere have been adding fruits and flowers to their ice cubes or creating ice cubes molded in a variety of shapes. Give the gift of a unique presentation with alternative ice molds. 

Tipsy treats

Desserts and snacks are great stocking stuffers but, you can kick it up a notch for your cocktail-loving friends. We recently partnered with Drunken Cake Pops to make BuzzBallz-infused cake pops. This exclusive box of cake pops is only available for a limited time. To order your BuzzBallz Drunken Cake Pops, visit this website and enter the code BuzzBallz2020 for a 10 percent discount while supplies last.

Fancy Sugars and Salts

A sugar or salt rim can take a basic cocktail to another level. Adding a spicy salt blend to a fruity cocktail or a sugar and spice blend can elevate the flavor. For easy rimming, opt for margarita salts as they often come in a tub.


If we’re talking about the ultimate stocking stuffer for cocktail lovers, this list wouldn’t be complete without a shameless plug. All of our cocktails are perfectly sized for stocking and made with natural juices and creams. There are many ready-to-drink cocktails in cans, but what sets us apart is the premium quality. 

Craft Cocktail Mixers

Give the gift of flavor innovation and dimension by opting for some handcrafted cocktail mixers. There are a variety of unique flavors that can turn a mundane cocktail into a drink you can sip with your pinky up. This is also a great way to explore the use of exotic fruits or flavors without making syrups from scratch. 

For ideas about how to stock an at-home bar, check out this blog post. For cocktail inspo, check out our Pinterest boards

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