3 Self-care Habits You Should Adopt Right Away


You work hard; you have a lot of responsibilities that you’re juggling. All you want to do is decompress with a BuzzBallz on the rocks. It’s crucial that you make sure you’re good inside and out. Self-care is a buzz phrase that’s been thrown around for the past few years that induces a couple of very distinct responses – guilt for not making it a habit or eye rolls because of how woo woo it sounds. No matter which camp you’re in, know that self-care is needed for everyone. Taking time to check in with yourself or take care of yourself is one of the easiest ways to aid in relieving stress, which is paramount for your health.

Shake and pour your BuzzBallz or BuzzTallz on the rocks and spend some time developing new self-care habits.

Journaling is Therapeutic

Whether you like to write or not, it’s important to have an outlet to be able to express what you’re feeling about the things happening in your life. It also helps to have a way to gauge where you are in specific goals, where you’d like to be and how you feel about your progress thus far. There’s no right or wrong way to journal. If you’d rather it be a space to think about all of things you’re thankful for or to write vent about the things that deeply bother you, make your journal the outlet you need it to be. Making journaling a regular practice gives you a running history of where you were in life in different places of your life and really allows you to dig deep; you never know what you’ll find when you do.

Spa Ambiance is Attainable at Home

If you’ve ever gotten a chance to visit a spa, many of them allow you to pick a specific essential oil that you would like used during your massage. The masseuse may pick by holding the bottle under your nose. This actually serves another service besides you picking a scent. Many essential oils have stress relieving properties and encourage relaxation when breathed in over time. Though you may not be equipped to hit the spa every weekend, you can bring the ambiance to your home fairly easily. Invest in some quality essential oils such as lavender or eucalyptus and place them in an oil diffuser with water. The diffuser creates steam and blows the steam into the air with the smell of the oils. There are lots of spotify playlists or playlists on apple music that play spa music. Play it softly on your Bluetooth speaker, dim the lights or light some candles and sip a cocktail on the rocks. Take some time for yourself to read a book or a magazine; write in your journal. Engage in your nightly skin care routine or create one. Use this time to be at peace.

‘Pampering Yourself’ Should Be Routine Maintenance

Many treat manicures, pedicures and facials like a treat, like something to look forward to after payday, but nourishing your skin and body properly doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars a month. Just invest in the tools and products needed to achieve a manicure, pedicure and facial at home. There are lots of aestheticians that post content on youtube sharing how men and women can achieve the desired results for their skin types and incorporate a routine into their schedules. Let this be your “you” time. Taking care of your body shouldn’t be a luxury, no matter your budget; you’re worth the time and investment, whether you decide to splurge and go to a spa or you decide to save money and do it at home.

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