Easy Cocktails for Your Next Outdoor Event


If it’s not already a scientific fact that cocktails make everything better, lets get on that — easy cocktails scientifically make everything better. What better way to enjoy the outdoors with the fam or your squad than with an easy, premixed cocktail? For this roundup, coolers are your friend. Let’s explore some fun outings that are BuzzBallz-friendly.


If uncle Bobby and his socks with sandals are looking parched behind the grill, shake up some BuzzBallz and hand it over. When you’re already melting in front of a barbecue pit, it doesn’t hurt to have an easy, go-to cocktail to sip while charring yourself next to the burgers. BuzzBallz are also a no-duh solution to serving up high-quality cocktails when it’s time for everybody to chow down. There are lots of fruity flavors and they typically go well with the smokiness and depth of flavor in barbecue. To create a super easy, signature cocktail, add a simple ingredient like iced tea for your Peach BuzzBallz or pomegranate juice in your Ruby Red Grapefruit BuzzBallz.


You know what goes great with your camp fire stories? Food and drinks. Why you’re roasting some hot dogs on sticks or you’re attempting to cook a five star meal over an open pit like lots of hipster, organic chefs do today, you can crack open a BuzzTallz or Biggies for you and the crew. As you’re planning to hit the road for your next camping adventure, just ensure that you fill your cooler with lots of ice and your premixed cocktails should be good to go in transit. Pro tip – S’mores and Choc Tease BuzzBallz are the perfect combo.


Before creating a meal, packing everything up and heading to your picnic site of choice, make sure you won’t be breaking any laws by drinking cocktails outdoors. If you have the greenlight, BuzzBallz are the perfect cocktails to serve because they’re portable and there’s a much smaller chance of bugs diving headfirst into your cocktail.

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