Simple Cocktail Garnish Ideas for Your Next Event


Beautiful drinks and good food always set the tone for an amazing meal. BuzzBallz are high quality cocktails with natural ingredients. So, we got your back on the cocktails, but presentation is key when you want to make a good impression. Maybe the inlaws are coming over or you’ve promised to host brunch. No matter the occasion, bartending at home doesn’t require a beard, a leather apron and mixology certification.  Here are a few simple cocktail garnishes that will impress your guests.

Embellished Ice

This requires purchasing an ice tray, if you don’t already have one. Today, there are lots of trays that allow you to have fun with the shape of ice (never thought you’d read that sentence, huh?) Lots of bars are opting for one large, spherical ball of ice or one large cube of ice. No matter the shape, jazz up your ice by putting ingredients in them. Rather than making your cocktail itself seasonal, you can add in edible flowers or fruits that exemplify the season. You can also add in herbs such as rosemary sprigs to add some depth to the cocktail as the ice melts. To ensure that the fruit or flower is in the middle of the ice chunk, only fill the tray up halfway with water and place your ingredient in each mold; then freeze. Once that piece of ice is frozen allow it to thaw slightly; then, fill the molds up the rest of the way with water and freeze again.

Sugar and Spice

Margaritas aren’t the only cocktails that deserve a sugar rim. You can add this to any cocktail for an easy garnish using items you, no doubt, have laying around the house. To add some spice to your sugar, you can always add some cinnamon, cocoa powder, shaved ginger, coconut shavings, zested lime or lemon or anything you’d like to taste with your cocktail. You’d just mix it in well with the sugar on a plate; wet the rim of your cocktail with a slice of orange or by dipping the rim of your glass in a plate of water. Then, roll the rim of the cocktail glass into your sugar mix. For a little added excitement, you can also crush candy and use that as the rim. Pop Rocks sugar rim, anyone?

Pretty picks

We’ve all seen bartenders skewer fruits together and lay them across the top of a cocktail. You can do the same at home, but to add a bit of punch to your cocktail, opt for an embellished pick. Etsy and Pinterest are great sources for all sorts of cocktail charms such as gold picks or bamboo picks with a decorative knot at the end.

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