Virtual Friendsgiving Tips


Whether your dinner is around a table or in front of a screen, there are still memories to be shared and cocktails to be poured. The silver lining of the “great shutdown of 2020” is the pressure’s off to morph into Martha Stewart. No one really knows how to bake a turkey from memory anyway. Since we’re clearly all about simplicity and convenience, here are our top four virtual Friendsgiving ideas and hacks.

Treat Your Friends to Dinner Delivery

There’s no need to create a feast when everyone is staying home. So, to keep the excitement around dinner, have each friend attending pick a friend in the group to order their dinner delivery. The chosen friend will have no input. The fun in this is everyone will get a surprise when they answer the door, and this is a great test of how well you know each other. For best results, have everyone order around an hour before your Friendsgiving meet up begins. This is also a great chance to treat your people to some premixed cocktails. For a $10 discount on your next BuzzBallz order, check out Drizly and use the code NOVTHX.

Share Memories with Your Background

Have everyone change their video chat background to a photo that references a crazy memory or inside joke you all share. Throughout the evening, it will be each person’s task to guess what these backgrounds are referencing. For example, if you were Doug from “The Hangover,” maybe your background would be a tiger or Mike Tyson. 

Make Cocktails with Your Crew

What’s a celebration without a cocktail? Mix up a festive cocktail with your friends on video chat. Decide which recipe you’d like to create together and purchase all of the ingredients prior to your Friendsgiving. For ease, make a punch so you can quickly refill. BuzzBallz Cocktails Cran Blaster would make the perfect base. For festive punch ideas, visit our blog or check out our Pinterest board!

Play Virtual Games

In the age of COVID-19, there are tons of games you can play virtually with friends. Cards Against Humanity is always a solid choice for great laughs. There are lots of sites that will allow you and your friends to login together and play. There’s a great chance there is a virtual version of the game you’d typically play in person. 

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