Tasting Notes:
Fruity, Sweet

Infused with natural strawberry and fruit flavors, this cocktail is ready-to-drink right out of the can if you’re in the mood for a fruity cocktail.

Strawberry Bash

If you don’t like strawberries, this is definitely not for you. This is a beautiful, sweet spring or summer cocktail to enjoy with friends or loved ones for brunch or you can simply treat yourself to a nice cocktail and R&R.

Picture Perfect Strawberry Moments


The fruity cocktail is a brunch staple, and it is a fact that sweet cocktails pair well with savory dishes, which brunches are always full of. The ease of having premixed cocktails on hand is in the prep – there hardly is any. You simply shake the can up; pour it over ice in a nice glass and pop a mint sprig on top and a strawberry on the rim and you have a brunch-approved cocktail.

A Night Cap

Let’s be honest; you have never and will never get the vibe that your date wants you to feed them strawberries. Don’t do that. And, if you’ve attempted it, how creepy and ‘90s of you. Instead, opt for a nice, fruity cocktail that allows you two to have some good conversation and see where things progress.

Spicy Meals

Acidic and sweet drinks help tame the harshness of super spicy foods. So, if you know you’re being challenged to eat something insanely hot like ghost pepper wings, you might want to give this cocktail a try. To be on the safe side, you might want to add some more sugar and some lime to cut the heat even further.

A Bland Meal

There’s nothing sadder than food with no flavor. You have to get it from somewhere. Why not pair your seasonless, boiled chicken with a fun cocktail to get you through the meal?

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