Tasting Notes:
Fruity, Refreshing, Sweet

Infused with natural watermelon flavors, this sweet, crisp cocktail is ready-to-drink with just a shake and a pour if you’re in the mood for something fruity.

Honey Dew I Sparkle

Mix up your melons, not your dates’ names. This is a light, sweet cocktail with a little fizz to make it more fun. With the mix of honey dew melon and watermelon, this fresh cocktail is perfect for your next outdoor party or lunch with friends.

4 occasions perfect for a watermelon cocktail

A picnic

Just because you’re having a meal outdoors doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your craving for a nice cocktail. There’s also no need to bring a huge thermal to transport your drinks or bring a flask and look like a drunkard. Just pop these cute little cans in your cooler. They take up very little space and won’t crush your sandwiches when everything in the cooler takes a joy ride.

A Barbecue

Watermelon isn’t just the fruit you ask your weird aunt to bring to the cookout, it’s also a sweet, refreshing flavor that pairs well with the smokiness and heat of barbecue. So, while you’re grilling out and hitting your ribs with that Salt Bae, treat your guests, or yourself, to a cold, crisp cocktail. It also looks amazing in your red, plastic

An MLM mixer

Your friend knows how much you love a good spiel and she wanted to oblige by telling you about the newest weight loss supplement to hit the market. What kind of friend would you be if you didn’t agree to invite all your friends to your house so she can tell them about it? Don’t miss the opportunity for you and your friends to lose 15 pounds by tomorrow. Sip some watermelon cocktails, have some light snacks and learn about the chance of a lifetime to be your own boss.

Very Un-Fun Tasks

When was the last time you wiped down the baseboards? If your answer is “mind your business,” honestly, we feel you. One thing that instantly makes crummy tasks a lot more fun is drinking. Would you like to finally organize your books by color like they do on Pinterest? Clear your shelves while drinking a cocktail. Do you have any idea what’s in the back of your cabinets? Find out while drinking a cocktail.