2021 BuzzBallz Sponsorship Contest

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BuzzBallz will be selecting 5 winners based on internal voting. Contestants will be evaluated internally by the BuzzBallz team based on their video and written proposal for sponsorship. Submissions must be received during the allotted frame of time; contest dates are detailed in the sponsorship terms below.  Winners will receive financial support from BuzzBallz along with a branded promotional swag kit dependent on the sponsorship tier they apply for. Winners will also receive additional marketing support via social media exposure through co-sponsored posts online (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube).


  • (2) $2500

  • $2000

  • $1500

  • $1000

  • $500

Sponsorship Terms

We accept sponsorship applications starting April 1, 2021 through December 21, 2021. Also, we reserve the right to decline to sponsor a contestant for any reason. If your sponsorship request is regretfully declined, you may apply again the following year.

All applications must be submitted for review before the aforementioned cutoff date. Any submission can be eligible for resubmission but must reapply the following year.

To qualify for sponsorship, a contest must meet the following requirements:

  • Contest Demographic: The contest must accept submissions from all citizens of legal age in the nation where the contest is based. Submission from anyone under legal age (21 years of age) will be immediately revoked and denied possibility of sponsorship.
    • Submissions can be made for individual or team sponsorship
    • Contestants must have social platforms
    • Contestants can apply for sponsorship for the categories (but not limited to) listed: Team sports (i.e., volleyball, softball, cornhole, rugby, etc.), individual sports (i.e., endurance sports, long distance running, racing), gaming, bands.
  • Sponsorship Acknowledgment: The contest must agree to name BuzzBallz as a sponsor in all promotional material (self-advocated or otherwise) and provide a link to BuzzBallz’s home page from the contest webpage.
  • Prize Requirements: BuzzBallz will award a prize of USD $2500 to $500. This must be paid in USD currency with limitations on how or where the winner can spend it. (Criterion and usage of funds will be defined in the written proposal submitted by the applicant).
  • Code of Ethics:

The contest administrators must agree to the following:

  • that they will make every effort to respond to all correctly submitted entries;
  • that they will not consider entries from friends, family members, or associates of BuzzBallz, LLC;
  • that the winners will receive notification of when payment will be made
  • that the winners will receive tracking for promotional kit

The contest applicants must agree to the following:

  • that they will provide an annual outline for sponsorship request in written form of proposal
  • that they agree to submit a video online and agree to usage of video content by BuzzBallz
  • that upon selection for sponsorship, they will adhere to responsible social media practices detailed in BuzzBallz brand guidelines. Disregard for responsible content and any images depicting the following will result in immediate termination of sponsorship.
  • Children and/or persons under the age of 21
  • Consumption of product
  • Dangerous behavior or images of irresponsible drinking
  • Overly sexualized or lewd images
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