Merrilee Kick Provides $5,000 in Science Scholarships in Montana


Merrilee Kick, CEO/Founder of BuzzBallz/Southern Champion, awarded four students the annual Science Innovator Scholarship in Montana. The scholarships are presented to top-ranking science students based on their intellectual curiosity, work ethic, integrity, leadership, communication skills, and teamwork.

Capital High’s awarded students were Peter Lund (first place $1,500), and Norris Blosson (second place $1,000). Helena High’s awarded students were Morgan Oie (first place $1,500) and Bryce Rives (second place $1,000).

The Science Innovator Scholarship was created in honor of Kick’s parents, Gil and Marilyn Alexander, both retired science teachers from Capital and Helena High School and founders of the Montana Learning Center.

“Not all scientific experiments will yield success, many will end up failures, (just like in business) but all you need is ONE success to make a huge difference. These students are excited about improving the human condition for future generations. Great businesses identify a problem in today’s world and solve it in a way that not only fixes the problem but also generates enough profit to make a sustainable business. The teachers identifying these winners deserve Helena’s appreciation.  A good teacher makes a difference by sculping the passion inside a young person’s mind, to the point where it eventually wants to teach itself.”
– Merrilee Kick