About Us

Take BuzzBallz to the Beach, Camping, Pool, Tailgating, Picnics and just about anywhere else.

With 100% juice and premium ingredients, our cocktails are the life of the party and perfect way to turn up with your best friends. Plus, Buzzballz have less sugar than other major brands and contain no high fructose corn syrup. All of our products are Kosher Certified and our containers are 100% recyclable.


All BuzzBallz PET plastics are infused with ENSO RESTORE, an enzyme that aids in breaking down plastics if they are deposited in a landfill. ENSO RESTORE speeds up the decomposition process so that plastic in landfills breaks down in just a few short years and can be converted back into clean energy. While we encourage everyone to recycle their BuzzBallz containers, it has been documented that 80% of plastics ..... BuzzBallz has taken a proactive approach to ensure our containers won't be sitting in landfills long-term.

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Our Team

Merrilee Kick

Merrilee Kick CEO

Alex Kick

Alex Kick President

Andrew Kick

Andrew Kick Vice President




VP of Marketing

Tracy Frisbie

Shipping / Receiving

Jason Dalmeida

Plant Manager

Cheo Cavil

Legal Counsel

Charles Irvin

Billing / Invoicing

Sales Team

Blair Casey,
VP Sales

Oklahoma Alaska Arkansas

Donald Kidd,
National Account Director

Jag Biswas,
International Sales

Bermuda China Puerto Rico Taiwan Philippines Hong Kong Mexico

Nanci McCook,
Sales Manager

Alabama Florida Tennessee South Carolina Virginia West Virginia Mississippi

Adam Vesely,
National On-Premise Director

Ronnie Ellis,
Sales Director,
East Region

Ohio New York New Jersey Connecticut Rhode Island Massachusetts

Andrew Kick,
Sales Director,
West Coast

California Montana

Bradley Cooper,
Sales Manager

Wyoming North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Colorado

Darren Summers,
Sales Manager

Texas Louisiana Hawaii

Dean Roudi,
Sales Manager

Washington Oregon Alaska Utah Idaho

Kevin Paschke,
Sales Manager

Minnesota Indiana Missouri Wisconsin Illinois Michigan Kentucky

Nanci McCook,
Sales Manager

Alabama Florida Tennessee South Carolina Virginia West Virginia Mississippi Georgia

Adam Marshall,
Sales Manager

Nevada Arizona New Mexico

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