Socially-Distanced Halloween Ideas for Adults


This Halloween, goblins and ghouls will have to wear masks under their masks. Though a “normal” Halloween isn’t in the cards, all hope for the usual haunts aren’t lost. Here are seven ideas to have some socially-distanced Halloween fun with your friends.

  1. Halloween Zoom Costume Party

You’ve been waiting all year to be Joe Exotic and you need someone to see your costume. Why not your friends? Take your crew to Wynnewood, Oklahoma with your Zoom background. Share some laughs, BuzzBallz Cocktails (Forbidden Apple is great for Halloween!) and a lip sync battle or two.

  1. Outdoor movie night

Turn your backyard into a mini theater. Place a few lawn chairs or blankets six feet apart. Set up your projector and screen and let the horror flick marathon begin.

  1. Drive-thru haunted house

There are lots of haunted houses that are open to the public, but are limiting capacity and adding new safety precautions. For a little added protection, opt for a drive-thru haunted attraction. There are many houses around the country that have converted their grounds this year into driveable experiences to encourage proper social distancing. 

  1. Create Spooky Cocktails

Every celebration deserves a good cocktail. For a little BuzzBallz inspo, check out a few of our latest cocktails on the blog or visit our Pinterest board!

  1. Visit ghost tours near you

Every city has a story to tell. Find out what goes bump in the night in your neck of the woods and see if your local haunted attraction is holding tours. Many ghost tours are still open, but at limited capacity for obvious reasons. 

  1. Write a ghost story with friends

Create a Google Doc. Each friend can only write one sentence at a time – the sillier, the better. Everyone takes turns following the previous sentence with a new sentence until the story is over. You can’t change any of the words once the sentence is complete. If you want a good laugh, do this while on Zoom with your friends and, of course, have a cocktail.

  1. Murder Mystery Zoom party

Thrill seekers, this one’s for you. Get some friends together, put on your fedora and help Detective Ness find out “whodunnit”! Murder Mystery Co. is a group of actors that will join you and your friends on Zoom to help the murder mystery move along. If a night of suspense is your kind of party, RSVP here asap!