New Year’s Cocktail: Sparkling Cran Blaster

New Year's Cocktail with glitter and BuzzBallz Cocktails Cran Blaster

Manifest big things for 2022 with a sparkling cocktail … in more ways than one. It’s not NYE without a little bit of glitter. So, add a dash to our New Year’s cocktail recipe of choice.



Cocktail shaker 


Gold edible glitter 

2 oz BuzzBallz Cocktails Cran Blaster 

2 oz Passionfruit Juice 

Prosecco to float 


In a cocktail shaker, combine the BuzzBallz Cocktail Cran Blaster, edible glitter and passionfruit juice.  

Pour it into the flute until it’s half full. 

Float with Prosecco. 

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