Tasting Notes:
Tart, Sweet, Smooth

The vodka cran is definitely in your mental rolodex of drinks to make or to order on a night out when creativity escapes you. Take that familiar burst of flavor home in this premixed cocktail packed with natural cranberry and fruit juices.

Fizzy Pear-berry

Any drink’s more fun with a little fizz. This may seem like a lot of ingredients, but it’s totally worth it when you taste this light, refreshing cocktail. Muddling some cranberries with some lime and pears gives this cocktail a fresh, inviting flavor.

Occasions Perfect for a cranberry cocktail

Holiday Dinner

You’ve put in a lot of work. You’ve pulled out your most Food Network-worthy recipes … or you’ve expertly curated the potluck and gotten your home holiday ready. Instead of pulling out a bottle of wine or soda, opt for a festive cocktail for all of the adults around the table. Just throw some ice cubes into some cocktail glasses and serve it on the rocks.

While Cooking

Being responsible for cooking the majority of the food for a major occasion is a lot of pressure and it’s tiring. Treat yourself to a cocktail while you cook to make the process more enjoyable. Since this premixed cocktail is ready with a shake and a pour, it’s the perfect pre-dinner solution.

Ladies Night

That bar with the exposed brick and industrial lighting will always be there. Why not opt for girls night in? Take an OG cocktail – the vodka cranberry – and kick it up a notch with minimal effort by spicing up the presentation. Just shake up a Cranblaster and pour it over ice; add a shot of vodka, if you’re feeling dangerous; drop some fresh cranberries into the glass. Voila!

A Moment in the Sun

Cape Codders are another classic cranberry cocktail that are synonymous with spring and summer outdoor parties. Your Cranblaster is the perfect base for this cocktail and can be remixed with a little muddled cucumber to make it even more refreshing. Just shake it up in shaker with a little lime juice and muddled cucumber (optional); pour it over ice and garnish it with a cucumber wedge.