Tasting Notes:
Pineapple, Coconut, Sweet, Tropical

Escape to a getaway in your living room with the fresh, tropical flavors of a piña colada on the rocks. This premixed cocktail combines the sweet, natural flavors of pineapple and coconut to give you the taste of your favorite summer cocktail all year round

Bellini Punch

Make your favorite summer cocktail brunch ready.

Warm weather is perfect for day parties and brunch on the weekends. If you’re hosting either, this is the perfect drink to serve to your guests and it takes no time to make.

4 Occasions Perfect for a Lotta Colada Cocktail

Cabana Time

Seriously, is there another drink more tailor-made for this moment? Stretching out on a chair near water under a cabana physically can’t occur without some semblance of a tropical drink. This is, hands down, your summer cocktail go to. If it’s too much fuss to pour this over rocks, you can always just shake it up and drink!

Chilling Poolside

When warm weather permits, there’s nothing like having a relaxing dip in the pool and having your favorite drink poolside. If you have friends over, this is the perfect drink to have in a poolside cooler because it’s small and it floats, should you need it to.

Indulging in Some "You Time"

Put on your favorite loungewear; find something to binge watch; order your favorite food to be delivered and just enjoy your alone time for as long as you can or need to.

Outdoor Parties

There’s nothing like sharing laughs and memories with the fam. Give your guests something fun and fruity to drink. Just shake up a few Lotta Coladas and pour them over ice!