Tasting Notes:
Cinnamon, Sweet, Creamy

Get ready for a fiesta for one with this rich, creamy nod to the traditional, Mexican drink. Crafted with real cream and vanilla, this premixed cocktail is the perfect after-dinner cocktail to serve on the rocks.

The Tipsy Almond

Break up the monotony with this creamy dessert cocktail.

If you’re looking for a quick, sophisticated cocktail to impress guests, this is it. The best part is it takes less than three minutes to make.

4 Occasions Perfect for a Horchata

A Dinner Party

You’ve put in a lot of work. You’ve pulled out your most Food Network-worthy recipes … or you’ve expertly curated and timed food deliveries. It’s time to wind the evening down without having to do all the heavy lifting. Just get some chilled glasses out of the freezer, throw some ice cubes in each, and serve these cocktails on the rocks.

Date Night

So, the date went well and you’ve decided to invite this week’s hopeful up for a drink. What better way to end the evening than a sweet, creamy cocktail on the rocks? If you prefer it hot, you can always whip up a pot of coffee and throw some Horchata in!


You’ve retired from the pony show for the evening and put the kids to bed. Now, the night is your oyster. Light some candles; draw a nice bath; make Alexa play a good audio book and sip your Horchata. You deserve it.


Life is nothing but one massive checklist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t peel away some time to celebrate your accomplishments. As a matter of fact, do it. Make it mandatory. Get your family and friends together to share a drink with you or just share one with your damn self. Either way, you’re taking a moment to acknowledge how far you’ve come.