Tasting Notes:
Tart, Sweet, Zesty, Vibrant

This margarita combines the crisp, bold flavor of lime with the freshness of agave. The tart taste is cut with a bit of sweetness, allowing a smoother sip. This margarita pairs well with foods heavy in seasoning or spice.

Mango Tequila Beer ‘Rita

It’s always impressive to serve a tall drink, but guests don’t have to know that you whipped this up in only a few minutes. To ensure the tang of the Tequila ‘Rita and the sweetness of the mango don’t get overpowered, opt for a beer that isn’t very bitter.

Four Ways to Enjoy a Lime 'Rita

By itself

Let’s face it; if you bought a Tequila ‘Rita, there’s a good chance that you just want a good cocktail fast. Lucky for you, our love language is ready-to-drink cocktails. Just shake and sip.

With Tacos

Is it just us, or was every Mexican dish literally created to pair well with lime and tequila? If you’re as lucky as we are, you live in a city with tons of taquerias at the ready.

By the pool

Turn any poolside into the beaches of Cancun with this little fiesta in a can. Pro tip: the can floats.

In a Semi-Homemade Cocktail

Treat yourself to a bold, refreshing drink fast. The Tequila ‘Rita is the perfect base for a spicy jalapeno margarita, a blood orange and lime paloma, a Limoncello Long Island Iced Tea – the possibilities are endless.