Tasting Notes:
Light, refreshing, sweet

Treat yourself to the sweet, fresh flavor of peach in a ready-to-drink cocktail. Packed with natural peach flavor, this is the perfect fruity cocktail to liven up the evening.

Peaches & Cream Buzz-sicle

Remix your memories with this spiked popsicle.Who says popsicles are just for kids? Make one of your favorite childhood treats a warm weather staple again. These popsicles take no time to mix and utilize ingredients you most likely have.

You Might Love Our Peach Cocktail if…

You Like Food Spicy

Sweetness is the enemy of heat. So, if you have plans to eat a ton of spicy food, but don’t want to scorch your taste buds, turndown the spice by sipping on this fruity cocktail.

You Like Spiked Tea

Whether you prefer green tea, Earl Grey, or plain ol’ sweet tea, steep a little fun into your cup instead of just tea bags. Pour 1/3 of a can into your mug of hot tea or your glass of iced tea and stir well.

You Live for the Pool

Whether you’re sitting poolside, or you’re headed to a cabana on the beach, nothing says “fun in the sun” like a fruity cocktail. Light and refreshing, our peach cocktail is exactly what you want on a hot spring or summer day.

You Live on IG

Let’s face it; Instagram has turned us into amateur photographers. To make your ready-to-drink cocktail even more photogenic, pour it in a glass and top it off with edible flowers such as Bluets, Baby’s Breath or Carnations.