Tasting Notes:
Tart, Sweet, Crisp

Pucker up! This premixed cocktail is sweet like candy, yet tart on the way down. Mixed with natural, premium ingredients, this apple cocktail is perfect to serve as the base for a classic cocktail, like an apple martini, or shaken and poured on the rocks as is.


Cranberry still tastes great when it isn’t the holidays. Unwind from a long day or impress your squad with this remix to a classic cocktail. Just two ingredients and some ice is all you need to get the party started.

4 Occasions Perfect for an Apple Cocktail

A Cookout

Forgo the typical sweet tea or beers … or better yet, bring those too! It’s a cookout. If there is any setting where a hodge podge of items is allowed, it’s this one. Plus, smokey meats and vegetables taste great with cocktails with a little more depth to them.

A Brunch

That’s right, brunch – aka everyone’s excuse to drink alcohol before noon. So, when in Rome, have a cocktail. This apple cocktail has some tartness to cut the sweetness, it pairs well with the savory foods you’d normally find at a brunch.

Going Camping

There are many debates about what’s acceptable to bring on a camping trip. However, in these parts, we say “how else do you enjoy the great outdoors and become one with nature” and every other Instagram camping quote?

A '90s Party

Flashback to a simpler time when the music was amazing, the clothes were very shiny and the internet made noises. The appletini had a huge moment in ‘90s West Hollywood and quickly caught on everywhere else. Commemorate your glory days with your own live TBT with friends! It’s not a true ‘90s party without really good trivia, copious amounts of flannel and, of course, Forbidden Apple.