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8 Must-have Items to Master Drink Recipes at Home - Buzzballz

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8 Must-have Items to Master Drink Recipes at Home

We’ve taken most of the work out of serving high-quality, flavorful cocktails to your guests, but sometimes you want to switch things up. No worries! BuzzBallz, BuzzTallz and Biggies serve as the perfect base to recreate lots of drink recipes or to put your own twist on them. Whether your bar is on a cart or in your cabinet, here are eight items any kitchen bartender should own.

A jigger

At 15 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), there’s plenty of alcohol in BuzzBallz, but in case you’d like to add a shot of liquor for whatever reason, you’ll need a way to measure it.

A shaker

Many drink recipes that are chilled or feature juice with lots of pulp will require a shaker. You’ll need a shaker with a strainer to keep the ice and pulp out of your cocktail.

A citrus peeler

What’s a signature drink recipe without an option for garnish. Lots of BuzzBallz are fruit based and many bartenders like to garnish a cocktail with a complimentary fruit or a fruit that’s featured. Citrus peelers allow you to shave the perfect peel slice for the rim.

A cocktail spoon

If your drink recipe calls for juices, herbs, spices or bitters and they don’t have to be strained, you’ll want a way to mix all of your ingredients. Cue your cocktail spoon.

A hand juicer

What gives our cocktails that high-quality flavor is the use of real fruit juices, but who said you couldn’t add more? Switch things up by adding plum, pomegranate, peach or pomelo juice.

An ice container with tongs

This should go without saying, but cocktails are best served cold. When you’re entertaining, you always want to have ice on hand without having to dig around in your freezer or make a ton of noise with your ice maker. Ice will be a must throughout the party.

A variety of cocktail glasses

BuzzBallz, BuzzTallz and Biggies are so versatile that they can serve as the base for margaritas, martinis, bellinis and more. So, stay stocked with a variety of glasses. Margarita, Collins, martini, champagne flute, shot and rocks glasses are bar essentials.

Cocktail picks

Get creative with your garnish and help it stay in place by having cocktail picks in a variety of sizes on hand.

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