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Spice Up Your Cinco de Mayo Margarita - Buzzballz

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Spice Up Your Cinco de Mayo Margarita

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, there’s no better drink to have than a margarita but, there’s one thing you have to do. Kick the flavor up a notch by adding some spice. 


Chamoy is a thin or thickened Mexican sauce made with pickled fruits and chiles, typically served with fruit or fruit candies. However, many have used it as a rim for fruit flavored cocktails. There are lots of recipes online showing how to make them. Whether homemade or store bought, you can always crank up the spice by adding a chile salt or grinding red chile flakes and mixing it into the chamoy.

Sliced Peppers

If you’re tired of lime wheels and wedges, opt to add a little green to your cocktail in another way — by placing sliced jalapeños into the cocktail. What some people don’t know is by leaving the membrane intact instead of cutting it out of the jalapeño to deseed it, the jalapeño maintains more of its heat. 

Chile salt rim

There are lots of salts that work for rimming a margarita or cocktail. One option for heating up your margarita is opting for spicy salt. Though you can go for a general chile salt like Tajin, a pro tip is to go for a bloody mary salt instead for more intense flavor. 

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