The Ghost Prep: The Ultimate Self-serve Party Drink


There’s a time and a place for fancy cocktails that you sip with your pinky out. Trust me – we’re all about it and we can help you do that, too, but the ultimate party drink doesn’t always have to be super fancy … or made by you – even if you are the host. . Some of the best parties have a laidback vibe – no decorations; everyone’s grabbing drinks from a cooler, and the host floats around and mingles. This could totally be you! In fact, let’s make that happen. Here’s what you’ll need: a large bucket of ice, glasses or cups, napkins, tongs, and, of course, Biggies. That can literally be it, if you want it to be.

To kick your station up a notch, you can also add a couple of bowls of complimentary ingredients. For Stiff Lemonade, you can place some sliced strawberries in a bowl or set a bowl of blueberries by the Biggies. If you’d like, you can make this a spiked Arnold Palmer station and have a pitcher of iced tea near your Biggies.

Tequila ‘Rita obviously tastes great with lime, but you could add any fruit to it to add more sweetness and dimension. You could even make this a little margarita making station! Place some sliced limes in a bowl; fill a plate with some rock salt or chile and instruct your guests to wipe the rim of the glass or cup with the lime first and then place the rim into the salt. Simple! Spice up your margs with a little bowl of jalapeno or give them a tropical twist with a little bowl of mango. Your guests will have such a good time making their own mini margaritas.

If you want to give your guests some options to customize their Chocolate Tease Biggies cocktail, you set up a little candy bar. Just crush up an assortment of candy bars and label each. Give your guests a jolt of energy with a coffee bar instead. Place a pot of black coffee near your Biggies and add an assortment of extracts such as vanilla or mint to transform the flavor. You can always finish it off with some cocoa powder or cinnamon.

And, yes, each Biggies is 15 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), but some guests still might want to make their cocktail a little stiffer. So, just for those guests, you may want to have some vodka on ice, as well, at your self-serve drink station.

Allow yourself to be fully in the moment! Just as much as you don’t want to miss the next laugh, your guests want you to be present for it.

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