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3 Clutch Tips for Creating the Perfect Date Night In - Buzzballz

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3 Clutch Tips for Creating the Perfect Date Night In

Creating easy cocktails on the rocks or mixing chocolate BuzzBallz into coffee for a warm night cap are perfect for date night.

Your big night is around the corner and, while you may have your cocktails covered (literally just shake your BuzzBallz and serve them on the rocks), there’s still a few more things to do to make your date night unforgettable. Keep it simple; be creative and be thoughtful and you’ve unlocked the cheat code.

Don’t be cliché

If your partner loves your humor, don’t feel pressured to have a romantic playlist and buy a dozen roses. You can DIY a bouquet of flowers and get a singing quartet to sing a funny song about your date (Gig salad is a great site to find them, FYI). You can also keep things simple, yet unexpected, like giving your date a heart shaped box that anyone would assume is full of chocolates, but fill it with something else your date likes (cheese, boneless wings, sets of press on nails, bacon, etc.) Note: DO NOT let a box of bacon be your only gift to your date. No cocktail on the rocks is going to get you out of that one-way trip to the doghouse. 

Order takeout or make your meal ahead of time

You don’t have to be the head chef at a Michelin-star awarded restaurant to serve a memorable meal; you just need to be realistic with yourself about your skills. Now is not the time to experiment or try something too ambitious. For important meals like this, it’s best to cook ahead of time so you can taste everything, have time to re-cook anything that gets jacked up or burnt, and eliminate some of the stress of cooking the day of if you’re not the best cook.

To make sure you don’t loose taste or food quality when opting to cook ahead, it’s best to search this exact phrase in your favorite meal prep app or search engine: Easy dishes that taste good reheated.  By cooking ahead of time, you also have the chance to cook more food. Instead of cooking one dish, you might opt to make a soup, main course and dessert. If you know you can’t cook, don’t let this be the day you make an attempt. Order takeout from your partner’s favorite restaurant; plate it up and serve it.

By the way, these are the occasions that premixed cocktails are made for. As the night progresses, you’ll be able to stay in the moment and serve up high quality cocktails without spending nearly the amount of time you would creating them from scratch. Just shake a BuzzBallz or BuzzTallz and serve it on the rocks with a garnish, if you’re feeling fancy.

Keep things spicy

No memorable date is complete if the sparks don’t fly. Keeping that chemistry strong is always going to make date night exciting. To add a little fun to your evening, why not end the night with a little acting? Take a trip in separate cars to the place you two first met and act like you don’t know each other again. Recreate the day you first met, but instead of exchanging numbers and going your separate ways, you end up going back to your place for a cocktail night cap. Who knows? Maybe that’s how it ended the first time. No judgment!

There are lots of ideas about romance and what it looks like that get placed on couples, but don’t let anyone else define how you show you care … unless you’re looking for tips from your favorite premixed cocktail brand. In that case, let us seep into your brain!


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