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How to Host the Perfect Summer Cocktail Party - Buzzballz

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How to Host the Perfect Summer Cocktail Party

Break out the sunscreen, besties, summer is officially here! And what better way to have fun in the sun than with a killer summer cocktail party? No matter how you spin it, this could be the best way to gather your squad and kick off the summer in a spectacular way. Maybe it’ll be used to plan all your other fun summer plans, or catch up after a busy start to the new year, or just a time to revel in memories and camaraderie. Whatever it turns into, it is a cocktail party, and that means (you guessed it) BuzzBallz. Below are some ways you can utilize our BuzzBallz not only for drinks, but for decor! We want this party to be as iconic as you are, so keep reading for our tips and tricks, and make sure you have your grocery list on hand.

Scheming for a Theme

We already know your summer cocktail party will be great, but we want it to be unforgettable. Though BuzzBallz are a great first step in making this happen, a bit of your own pizzazz can make this something special for you and your people. Maybe you want a party based around a certain color scheme, popular movie, current trend, or core memory from your group. Or perhaps you’re looking for more of a potluck plan and can designate different people to bring different things. Your cocktail party might simply be a pregame for a pre-existing plan. However you go about it, make a flier or poster or invites and let the people know!

Make it Fruit-tastic

Even though BuzzBallz are ready-to-drink as is, we’re always supporters of you making your own concoctions! Need some food to pair with your already delicious drinks? Have your produce era and pair some of our fresher flavors with some fruit! The corresponding fruits are pretty easy to guess, but here’s how you could utilize each flavor/fruit combo for a fancy centerpiece!

Tequila ‘Rita/Lemons and Limes:

Place a stack of Tequila ‘Rita BuzzBallz on the table. Cut the lemons and limes into slices. Create a ring of limes (or lemons) around the BuzzBallz, connecting the ends of the slices together. Create more rings alternating between lemon and lime as high as you’d like, or come up with your own patterns (you can also do this with strawberries and our Strawberry ‘Rita)!

Chili Mango/Mangoes:

Mangoes are a bit of an inconvenient fruit in regards to shape and access to the goods (unlike BuzzBallz, of course), so we think your best option here is having a little charcuterie moment. Cut some mango slices and peppers up and arrange them ✨aesthetically✨ on a board. Stack some Chili Mango BuzzBallz next to them and let people choose their own adventure!


Thanks to the unique shape of BuzzBallz, our Peachballz already kind of look like peaches! Because of this we think a cute idea would be a Peach patch. Arrange some greenery as a base, and simply fill the rest with peaches and PeachBallz. Make sure you have something ready to slice the peaches!

Lotta Colada/Pineapple:

Make a bed of fruit by cutting out rings from a pineapple and laying them touching, but not overlapping, on a plate or tray. Place Lotta Colada BuzzBallz in each of the rings. Sprinkle coconut flakes over the whole display for a little garnish. You can even store a couple BuzzBallz in the hollowed pineapple!

Watermelon Smash/Watermelon:

Take a watermelon and cut it in half. Carefully cut out any part of the watermelon that isn’t the rind. Use one half of the watermelon to cut slices, and the other half to cut cubes. Use the slices to prop up the two halves, and arrange the cubes to make it look as though they are spilling out of the watermelon. Then all you’ll need are some Watermelon Smash BuzzBallz to place inside the hollow watermelon! We’re going to leave the rest up to you! Pick a theme, send some invites, hit the store, set up your BuzzBallz and snacks, welcome the homies, and have the best summer cocktail kickoff ever. You got this, bestie! 🥳️☀️

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