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5 Tailgating Tips as Good as a Touchdown - Buzzballz

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5 Tailgating Tips as Good as a Touchdown

The startings of fall and football season go hand in hand. As the leaves change, so do our schedules to accommodate enjoying games on the weekends. Many get off the couch to go to the games in person and take part in tailgating. The art of tailgating, or rolling up to party in the parking lot of a stadium before a game with trunks full of food, friends, and family, has been around for over a century. Nowadays, tailgating has taken on a life of its own as a lively and entertaining subculture of the sporting scene. No matter what team you root for, here are five essential tailgating tips for your pre-game party this season. Here’s a hint: it’s not gonna be complete without BuzzBallz.

Get A Game Plan

In order to pull off the ultimate tailgate party, there’s going to need to be some preparation beforehand. Making sure everyone has a carefree good time during the tailgate will require care in planning to make sure every need is covered. Create a list of questions like, when will you get there? What are you going to eat? Where are people going to sit? Will there be games for people to play? Where are you going to find BuzzBallz? As you answer them, have a backup option and prepare to overstock on items, you don’t want to run out of anything in the middle of the party!

Assemble Your Team

A tailgate wouldn’t be what it is without the people you share it with. Use your friends and family to your advantage and make the prep and execution a team effort! Give everyone a role to take some of the stress of planning off of you. Make sure there’s someone in charge of getting the food, someone to cook the food, someone bringing and stocking supplies, someone supplying the music and games, someone coordinating when and where to set up, and please, make sure there’s someone bringing BuzzBallz. With a team, cleanup will also go much faster and smoother.

Two Points for (Food) Safety

So you’ve got all this food, better make sure it’s going to be as tasty as possible. If you’re cooking raw meat, make sure it’s kept cold and tightly packed to avoid cross contamination. Unless you’re grilling it to eat immediately, leave it stored. Make sure you bring things like utensils, plates, napkins, and hand sanitizer to ensure people are eating and staying clean. Have tupperware, ziplocs, and aluminum foil on hand to pack up leftovers, and trashbags to eliminate waste and grease.

Pack that Cooler!

If people are going to be eating, they’ll need something to drink! Bring and fill at least a couple coolers with all the essentials like water, soda, and BuzzBallz. To ensure everything stays cold over time, fill up your cooler in tiers. Lay a bottom layer of ice as your base and top it with a layer of drinks to stay cool. Fill in a layer of ice over these drinks and repeat until you reach the top of the cooler. Mix an assortment of drinks on top for people to grab and enjoy, and have the other layers of drinks cold and ready to reach down and get as the ice melts.

Show Your True Colors

Last but definitely not least, have fun! You’ve put in the work, now it’s time to revel in the payoff. Show up wearing your favorite team’s merch and adorn your tailgate with the team’s colors. When assembling supplies for your tailgate, With over a dozen fun flavors, we wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t at least one BuzzBall you could use to decorate with your team’s colors. Enjoy the food, enjoy the game, and enjoy the company. You’ve earned it.

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