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Attainable Resolutions for the New Year

Lots of us make vows to ourselves that collect dust throughout the year because they’re too hard to achieve. So, here at BuzzBallz, we decided we’d give you some ideas for some attainable resolutions that you can easily fit into your current lifestyle -- whatever that may be. 

Here are five attainable resolutions to adopt. You can take credit for these if you’d like. We’re generous.


Lose weight

This is one of the most common resolutions people choose to make that end up falling by the wayside. Why? The approach is all wrong. If you want to get into shape, choose a shape that is easy to achieve like a circle, a rectangle, a trapezoid, depending on what you’re wearing that day. There are so many shapes to choose from! Get creative.

Get more organized

Let’s face it -- we all have a lot of crap. Though it may seem daunting to keep your space looking clutter free, we have a solution that is YouTube-mom approved -- boxes and baskets. It doesn’t matter how much junk you have, there is a box or basket big enough for it. Do you have a messy makeup drawer? Get some boxes. Now, you have messy makeup boxes inside of your makeup drawer. Do you have lots of hair products and tools? Just dump then a box. The point of organization is to hide all the crap you don’t want to see everyday inside something else. Problem solved. 

Make more money

Lots of people have a goal to make more income, normally to be able to afford lots of items they want. Instead of focusing on making more income, which requires more work, why not just focus on the outcome -- which is buying a bunch of things you like. Just skip the wack part (working harder, budgeting, deprivation)  and just “add to cart.” Results may vary.

Get into a relationship

February is around the corner, which means all of your friends are going to be on IG gloating about their Valentine’s day gifts. You may not be in a relationship yet, but there is still time, if you open your horizons. Rather than wait for a partner to sweep you off your feet, why not enter into a relationship with your favorite snack? Think about it. If you were in a relationship with cheese, its presence would always make you happy. There are no arguments. It’s already met your parents unless they’re vegan, and it will never wear jeans that make you question your relationship. Most importantly, it can’t skip ahead in your favorite show without you because it has no thumbs. Where is the downside?

These are just a few resolution ideas that may result in a fun, stress-free new year. For best results, check out our Pinterest to find cocktails you can make instead of doing anything in the list above. Cheers to 2021! We believe in you.


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