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Top 4 Tips to Host the Best Dinner Party

Dinner parties are a simple and intimate way for us to share in food, drink, and good conversation as we begin to gather together again. Here are a few prep tips and guidelines to help you achieve a fun-filled gathering and throw a great dinner party!

Pick a good group and get a date on the calendar.

Four to six guests is a solid start. Dinner parties are much more intimate than regular parties, so you want to invite people who know one another, get along well, and have some similar interests. Make sure you ask about dietary restrictions as well when reaching out to your invitees. As for nailing down a date, it’s smart to plan the dinner about three weeks in advance. And this probably goes without saying: Fridays and Saturdays are the two best nights to host.

Cook smart.

Go with a dish that you feel comfortable making and have cooked a couple of times before. Try to avoid meals that involve constant stirring, flipping, or checking on. Simple is best in this situation. Then, you just have to make it larger and a party-worthy size!

Prepare well.

This means food, setting, and mental prep! Make sure you have a list of ingredients to purchase at the store based on your menu. Give yourself enough time to make a grocery run plus one day of actual food prep. Next, take this opportunity to clean your house or apartment and make it presentable for guests. You don’t have to clean the entire house, but make sure your living room, kitchen, and bathroom are in good shape. Create a clean space that you’d appreciate at someone else’s dinner party! Last is mental prep. Hosting can be a stressful ordeal and get overwhelming at times. Whatever you’re feeling, take some time to calm and ground yourself before the night begins.


This is the biggest one! You are gathered with friends and/or family that you love and mean so much to you. Take the time to soak in all the fun, food, and fellowship in front of you! Who knows when the next gathering or dinner party will be? 

For great batch cocktail recipes for your next gathering, check us out on Pinterest!


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