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Essential Rainy Day Cocktail + Activity Pairings - Buzzballz

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Essential Rainy Day Cocktail + Activity Pairings

As if it’s teasing you with the knowledge of summer right around the corner, April is often known for its rainy days and gloomy skies. Depending on who you are, this downpour can be downright disappointing. But have no fear, BuzzBallz is here, and one thing we’re NOT bringing back is seasonal depression. Though we’re all gearing to get outside, there’s a lot that can be done for fun during a day indoors. And with the fun we’re about to have, it’s logical to assume your experience would be better with a rainy day cocktail. So, we’ve paired each activity with a couple BuzzBallz options that would fit perfectly with your list of indoors to-dos. There’s no need to go out and get wet when you can stay inside and wet your whistle.

Have Your Way with Words

A rainy day is a wonderful opportunity to practice your hobbies that take time and a restful amount of focus. This could be catching up on a book, listening to a podcast, or doing some journaling. Heck, we could even justify a movie marathon, but only if you use the subtitles 😉. Whatever you fancy, spend some time resting your body and rejuvenating your mind. For these ✨cozy✨ vibes we’d recommend pairing a BuzzBallz Espresso Martini or Strawberry ‘Rita. For our coffee lovers, an Espresso Martini is your new favorite cup of joe. With bold and aromatic java flavors and a smooth finish, ideal for accompanying a good reading or writing sesh. If coffee isn’t your thing, our citrusy Strawberry ‘Rita can be a refreshing reminder of summer to come, while keeping a sweet demeanor with each sip as you go about, well, taking it easy.

Fight Boredom with Boardom

For our adventure seekers trapped out of adventure seeking by the weather, there’s still ways to make your days indoors exciting. Rally some friends to brave the downpour (or hop on a video call) and have a game-off. The options are endless: board games, card games, video games, a DnD campaign, or an altogether original game you’ve created. The only thing we’d consider non-negotiable is the cocktail options for when you’re playing. As you let the games begin, we’d recommend our BuzzBallz Chili Mango or PeachBallz. The spice and tang of the Chili Mango create a vibrant drink experience that keeps you on edge as you compete your way to victory. For those who play with lower stakes, a PeachBallz’ light and cooling taste keeps things easygoing and, regardless of outcomes, can serve as an example of sweet victory.

Add Some Sizzle to the Drizzle

We’ll always petition for the idea that good food + good cocktails makes for a great day. Grab a couple zesty and vibrant BuzzBallz Tequila ‘Ritas and pair their tartness with your favorite savory dish. You could even use it as an ingredient for a dressing/sauce. Or, if your meal prep is already taken care of and you’re looking for your just desserts, there’s no better cocktail option than our Choc Tease. This richly sweet and silky cream-based cocktail serves as the perfect post-dinner closer as is, or can serve as a stellar base for your own concoctions and additions (we’d suggest something with whipped cream and/or ice 🧐). If it hasn’t become clear by now we’ll say it plain and simple: your rainy days would be better with BuzzBallz, so grab your keys and hit the store before the storms. You better hurry!

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