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Halloween Party Essentials

Halloweekend will be here before we know it, and there’s a lot of preliminary preparation that needs to take place. What costumes will you spend too much money on to only wear once or twice? Which candy will take top spot in your candy lineup this year? And most importantly, where’s the party at? Maybe this year, instead of mapping out your party route, save the hopping around town for a guy in a bunny suit and plan your own spooktacular Halloween party. Need some tips (and tricks) on how to make sure it’s a wicked good time? Don’t worry, we’ll supply our Halloween party essentials below, as long as you supply the BuzzBallz.


We can obviously assume the festivities will be spooky, but dig a little deeper and come up with a theme for everyone to prepare for. Maybe your party is based around your favorite Halloween movie. Maybe there’s a certain color scheme you want to stick to. Maybe you want to pick a costume theme for everyone to dress and match accordingly with. Whatever it is, make sure everyone is aware of the theme by creating fun invitations and sending them to all your friends.


Now that your theme has been chosen and the time, place, and date have been set, it’s time to decorate! Your decorations will depend on your theme, but it never hurts to throw in some Halloween party essentials like cobwebs, pumpkins, balloons, and string lights. We’d also be haunted with regret if we didn’t mention that BuzzBallz can make great decorations! Take some empty BuzzBallz and affix them over your string lights for some fun colors. Or arrange a centerpiece of our PeachBallz to look like a pumpkin patch for people to pick from. However you decide to decorate, just don’t forget the BuzzBallz.


So your place looks great, and people showed up! Now what? Plan some fun activities to get everyone in the celebratory spirit. Create a playlist of your favorite spooky songs and get a dance party going or do some karaoke! Set up a photo booth with Halloween props for people to take pictures and keep memories that’ll last until next year’s get together. Or, thanks to their small round shape, fill a bucket with water or sangria and get your friends to bob for BuzzBallz! Throw some apples in the mix and create a points system for apples versus BuzzBallz. When things start to wind down, gather everyone around for a spooky movie marathon.


Now all that’s left is to have a ghostly good time! As you and your friends enjoy your amazing party, keep them fed and happy with a Halloween feast. Have a candy potluck where everyone brings their favorite to share, or create a spread of finger foods based on your party’s theme. You could even wrap hot dogs in crescent rolls to make mummy dogs! Along with waters and sodas, and we probably don’t even have to say it at this point, but definitely have a fridge full of BuzzBallz on hand. Trust us, once the festivities get going, they’re sure to be a graveyard smash.

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