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Which BuzzBallz Flavors Dictate Your Summer Plans? - Buzzballz

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Which BuzzBallz Flavors Dictate Your Summer Plans?

Check your thermostats party people, summer is on the way. And from us to you, we hope it’s your best one yet. You may be be hard pressed to find a better combo than summertime and BuzzBallz, as both are all about living your best life and having a great time doing it. We don’t know for sure what your summer plans are, but based on your favorite BuzzBallz flavors we have some ideas. Below are our best guesses as to what your summer plans are based on your BuzzBallz choices, and if you haven’t made plans yet, these flavor/activity combos are a great starting point. You might want to have your grocery list on hand. 

The Bold Baddies (Tequila ‘Rita, Chili Mango, Strawberry ‘Rita)

Your palette is anything but plain, and you like a little kick and bite to your cocktail and live your life on the edge as if it’s one big party. If these zesty, spicy, and tart tasting notes are right up your alley, we can bet your summer is going to make us #jealous as it pops up on our feeds. You utilize BuzzBallz bright colors in every GRWM, OOTD, and shopping haul video. Traveling coast to coast with outfits to boast and parties to host, you’ll be doing the most! With your BuzzBallz in hand you’ll turn every function up to an 11.

The Fruity Friends (Forbidden Apple, PeachBallz, Watermelon Smash)

You’re simple and sweet, and like your cocktails to be the same. Wherever you are, that’s where you’re happy to stay. This summer will be full of picnics, parks, and picking up your besties to head to your favorite local spot. From outdoor movie nights to spontaneous stargazing, you can count on your favorite BuzzBallz to be as reliable as your favorite pastime activities. You don’t need much to turn your day into a slay, and the polaroid picture wall will be proof enough that this summer was one to remember.

The Sophisticated Sippers (Espresso Martini, Choc Tease, Cran Blaster)

What’s all this talk about summer being one big vacation? F0r you it’s just another season to get things done. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have at least a little fun. Whether it’s a full day of meetings, a daunting DIY undertaking, or getting ahead with summer classes, these BuzzBallz flavors show that you mean business, and enjoy the reward after the work you put in. You're spending your summer focusing on you, and the rewards will be as rich as your cocktail preferences. We’d be remiss to not point out as a quick note: Regardless of which of these categories you fall into, if you find yourself at a beach or are looking for a little paradise, you absolutely should have some Lotta Coladas on hand. Okay, we’ve been working hard not to be too obvious, but we’re trying to tell you that no matter what you do this summer, it wouldn’t be complete without BuzzBallz.

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