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How to Plan the Perfect Football Watch Party - Buzzballz

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How to Plan the Perfect Football Watch Party

For many people, Sundays from September to February are marked by afternoons on the couch watching football. Maybe there’s a team you’re rooting for, maybe you’re just happy to have something on tv to help you relax. If you do have a favorite team, chances are there are going to be some big games you’re extra excited to watch. And what better way to watch them than with family and friends at the perfect watch party? Though the focus will be on the game, there are some preparatory things you can do to ensure your watch party is a hit for everyone from diehard fan to “happy just to be here.” And hey, no football game could happen without a ball (yes, we mean BuzzBallz).

It’s OK to Have a Little Pride

We certainly wouldn’t argue with planning a killer watch party for the sake of a good time, but we expect you’re planning this party to join together in rooting for your favorite team. And if that’s the case, why not go all out? Head to the store and grab some decorations and food utensils reminiscent of your team’s colors and deck your living room and kitchen out. Get your #matching vibes on by wearing your team’s colors and grabbing some squad selfies. You can even grab some BuzzBallz when you’re at the store and add them to the decor. With several fun flavors in a variety of colors, there’s probably a BuzzBallz for at least one of your team’s colors. Line them up on your counter in the formation of your team and let your guests pick the BuzzBallz corresponding to their favorite player’s position. With your space undoubtedly repping your team, let the game begin!

Build Your Refrigerator Roster

If you’re going to be hooting and hollering for your team to pull out the win, chances are you and your guests are going to get a little hungry. Thank goodness you’ve got a lineup of delicious dishes to keep everyone fed! Your kitchen, your rules, but we think it would be fun (and less stress on your end) to let everyone bring a dish potluck style. Get an idea of what dishes will be there ahead of time and make a menu of every item reminiscent of a team roster. Plan for a couple main courses and a wide variety of appetizers and finger foods for people to quickly load up on during commercial breaks. 

Plan For Backup Ballz

If you don’t remember, football games are… kind of long. And even with all that good food you prepared, it could run out before you know it. Luckily BuzzBallz are there to help you get creative. If you do run out of food, make sure you have some extras on hand. They can be a good palate cleanser after some good food, or you can use them to make some delicious desserts. Use some of our cream-based flavors like Choc Tease or Espresso Martini to whip up (keyword whip as in whipped cream) some dessert cocktails, or pair some of our fruity flavors like Tequila ‘Rita or Cran Blaster with some fruit and vanilla ice cream for a vibrant float. No matter how you plan your watch party, we hope you can focus on good fun and great company, regardless of how the game turns out.

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