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Ice Cream Food Pairings - Buzzballz

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Ice Cream Food Pairings

Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts of all time. In fact, over 90% of Americans eat it! As the summer heat drags on, and people are looking for ways to stay refreshed, we always recommend cooling down with a BuzzBall. But we can’t deny that a scoop of ice cream also usually sounds pretty good. What if there was a way to combine the two…?

Like all great summer love stories, the perfect match is often an unexpected one. Below are some unique ice cream and BuzzBallz pairings we think could help keep your summer chill and delicious. Create an ice cream float by scooping any of these flavors of ice creams then pouring half of a BuzzBallz over-top.

Tequila ‘Rita/Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream is a classic. Simple, subtle, tried and true, it could go great with several of our BuzzBallz flavors. But why not pair a classic with a classic? Our Tequila ‘Rita BuzzBall made with lime and agave is tart and zesty, but with a hint of sweetness. Its vibrant flavor will create a unique contrast with the mellowness of vanilla, offering a bold yet refreshing combination

Choc Tease/Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Totally choc-full of guilty pleasures, there’s no way this combo could let you down. Starting with a smooth cream base and delicious cookie dough pieces, the flavors only get better when you add a silky Choc Tease BuzzBall. The cream and cookie will both be coated in rich natural chocolate, indulging your sweet tooth. If you’re feeling extra chocolatey, go for chocolate cookie dough ice cream as your base!

Strawberry ‘Rita/Mint Ice Cream

This one is your PSA to stay fresh. Our Strawberry ‘Rita BuzzBallz are packed with citrusy and sweet flavor, and a just-right amount of kick. The mint ice cream will pair well, bringing its own creamy sweetness to the mix, but will also provide a gentle cooling effect that will appropriately combat the bitterness of the alcohol. Give it a try! Your tastebuds will thank you later.

Espresso Martini/Rocky Road Ice Cream

A little bit rough around the edges, a little bit suave and mature. Though the chunky mixed blend of chocolate, nuts, and marshmallows in the Rocky Road might be a bit textured for some people’s likings, its flavor range is diverse enough to be a springboard for a great cocktail pairing. Our Espresso Martini BuzzBall is bold with rich coffee notes, but still smooth and slightly sweet, making it perfect to pour over and soften out the chunks of the rocky road. And if you think about it, what are three things that go great with coffee? We think chocolate, nuts, and marshmallows. 

Lotta Colada/Strawberry Ice Cream

If summer had a taste, we think this would be pretty darn close. Strawberry ice cream is a good go-to for fruit flavor, all encapsulated by the creaminess the ice cream wraps it in. Pairing this with our Lotta Colada Buzzballz maximizes the tropical fruit profile, with the tart pineapple accentuating the  from the strawberries. Grab your sunglasses and head down to the Copacabana for this one.


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