These Cocktail Herbs are Mint to Be


Herbal cocktails are becoming more popular as people find that herbs add dimensions to the flavor of their drinks. Whether it’s rosemary in your gin or basil in your daiquiri, you can take your cocktails to the next level by adding your favorite herbs. Pick up some of the below different herbs and experiment with them in cocktails:


Because rosemary has a savory and hearty nature, this herb works best in drinks with a sweet and citrus taste. Rosemary offers a rich and warm flavor, adding zest to citrus, apples, pears, and berries. You can combine it with a sparkling wine, gin or vodka. It can be added muddled or whole to give your drink some depth!


Mint is one of the most common herbs used for cocktails. It is soft, sweet and creamy but also has a hint of lemon taste when added to a cocktail. You can mix up the leaves in a mojito or julep, but it will give any cocktail a sweet finishing touch. 


There are a couple types of basil that can be used in cocktails – sweet, tulsi and lemon basil. Sweet basil gives a full and sweet flavor while lemon basil has (you guessed it) a more citrusy flavor. Thai basil has a distinct licorice flavor. All these types can be used with rum or tequila-based drinks, such as daquiris and margaritas. Whether you use it as garnish or muddled into the drink, basil gives your cocktail a unique taste and flavor.

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