3 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Brunch … and Enjoying It


Having your crew over for fruity cocktails and cheesy breakfast foods sounds like the way anyone would want to spend a Sunday. The reality is, hosting a meal party is fun until you repeatedly get stuck in the kitchen cooking more of this or making another cocktail for home girl you didn’t invite. The keys to being able to stay present at your brunch is to make far more food than you need, making everything family style and making the cocktails self-serve. Here are a few tips to ensure you don’t miss the tea … or the cocktails.

Make your cocktails by the pitcher or punch bowl

When serving cocktails at a party, it’s important that you make cocktails that guests can serve themselves. Fruity cocktails is perfect for this because it’s beautiful and the more the juices and/or fruit sit in the pitcher or bowl, the more flavor they give the cocktail. We recently showcased our Biggies Punch signature cocktail recipe on Good Morning Texas. We created this using Biggies Stiff Lemonade, but this could easily be recreated with lots of Lemon BuzzTallz, if that’s what you have on hand. You could also opt to make the cocktails ahead of time and put them in mason jars. So, guests can just raid your refrigerator to grab another cocktail when they’re ready for another one.

Create menu items that can be cooked ahead of time

Fruity cocktails taste great with savory breakfast dishes. The key to creating the perfect menu is to find items that can be cooked the night before or weeks before and frozen. Scones and biscuits freeze very well and taste like they’ve been freshly baked when you reheat them in the oven. Rather than making omelets or any sort of dish that has to be customized for each guest, opt two make quiches or frittatas. You can make these dishes the night before and just reheat them the morning of. The goal is to have minimal to no prep the day of the brunch because, chances are, it’s happening late morning, early afternoon and no one wants to wake up at zero dark thirty to wash dishes and make a quiche.

When you run out; you’re out

Don’t feel compelled to whip up another batch of rosemary potatoes because your guests love them and they want more. At the end of the day, you had them over because you want to enjoy their company not get stuck in a kitchen. If you know that you made more than enough for everyone to get at least two servings of everything and the dish is still all gone, then be firm in saying that you won’t be making any more of that dish, but there is plenty of food left if they’d like something else.

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