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Three Relaxation Methods for Busy Moms

You work hard; you have a family to take care of and a lot of responsibilities that you’re juggling. Sure, on Mother’s day, you deserve to decompress with a BuzzBallz on the rocks. However, It’s crucial that you make sure you always carve out some time to take care of yourself inside and out so you won’t feel like you’re always at a deficit. A wise flight attendant once said, “put your mask on first.”

Here are a few quick, easy habits to implement from day to day to relax.

Practice mindfulness

If you’ve graduated from the school of Oprah, you may have heard the name Deepak Chopra before. For years, he’d partner with Oprah to host a 21-day, guided meditation. You can create a program of sorts just like this for yourself by picking a topic you’d like to focus on for a month and finding 30, 20-minute guided meditations on YouTube focusing on that topic. By waking up earlier than everyone else and dedicating this time to yourself, you’re encouraging stress relief and clarity. 

Practice aromatherapy

Many essential oils have stress relieving properties and encourage relaxation when breathed in over time. Though you may not be equipped to hit the spa every weekend, you can bring the ambiance to your home fairly easily. Invest in some quality essential oils such as lavender or eucalyptus and place them in an oil diffuser with water. The diffuser creates steam and blows the steam into the air with the smell of the oils. You can also buy some eucalyptus and hang it around your showerhead. The steam from the shower will deepen the smell of the eucalyptus, which is another therapeutic scent said to provide stress relief and a sense of calm.

Elevate your skincare routine

There are lots of aestheticians and dermatologists that post content on YouTube sharing how people with specific skin types, blemishes or accelerated signs of aging can achieve the type of skin they desire. By learning the cleansing techniques and products you need, treat your skincare routine like a trip to the spa. Turn on your spa music playlist on Spotify. Plug in your diffuser or light a candle and pamper your skin. 

In everything you do for yourself, it’s important to realize it’s necessary to give back to yourself. It’s impossible to be everything your family needs if you’re neglecting yourself. 
For some fun cocktail recipes to try during your “you time,” check us out on Pinterest.


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