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Self Care Tips for the January Blues - Buzzballz

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Self Care Tips for the January Blues

The new year is here, but unfortunately, the winter hasn’t left. Without the revelry and excitement that can come from the end of year holiday triple threat (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), you’re probably left with a lot of free time on your glove-covered hands, because let’s be honest, you’ve probably already given up on some resolutions. As the chilly weather drags on along with your responsibilities and routines another year brings, you might already be feeling down and out. But we’re here to get you through this first part of the new year on a trajectory for your best year yet. Below are some self care tips and tricks for the January blues, and dry January participators beware, this list does include some BuzzBallz. Happy reading, you got this kings and girlbosses.

Don’t Be Snobby, Find a Hobby

This is your year for a new hobby or skill. Whether it’s something you’ve already started, been meaning to try, or know next to nothing about, this can be as simple or complex as you’d like just so long as it’s interesting to you. Pick a new book or puzzle, make some crafts and start an online shop, learn how to play your favorite song, or even just call a friend and find a time once a week to get together. This adjustment to your routine might take a bit of time to feel fully regular or worth consistent effort, but don’t give up! For when the going gets tough, have a BuzzBallz or two and remember to trust the process, baby.

Make a List, and Still Check it Twice

In order to take steps forward for yourself, it’s important to look a few steps back beforehand. Find a piece of paper or a whiteboard and debrief your past year in list form. Note the highs, the lows, the things you learned for better or worse, and the things you felt were still missing. Once this is done, use that list to draft your ultimate new year game plan. Make a list of the people in your corner that you can always count on for when times get tough. Note the things you felt were missing from last year and how you might accomplish them this year. Give yourself some options for fun trips or rewards you can incentivize yourself to look forward to in the midst of the monotony of your typical routine. And finally, pick some BuzzBallz flavors you haven’t tried yet that you absolutely must before the next ball drops.

The Fresh Prince (or Princess) of Fresh Air

With the weather being chilly, you may be inclined to start your new year from the comfort of the couch. Taking time to rest is obvs very important, but it’s arguably equally important to get some of that vitamin D in your system. Bundle up and take a walk, drive out with some friends to a spot for a frozen photo shoot, or if you’ve got some snow in your area, have a snow day with snowball fights and snow forts and ultimately, snow fun. Bring a couple BuzzBallz for that last one, nature makes a great refrigerator this time of year.

Treat Yo Self

If the past few ideas haven’t made it clear enough, you deserve to treat yourself especially when you’re feeling that seasonal depression. Leave the embarrassing moments and toxic exes who didn’t deserve your time and times you looked in the mirror without anything but a smile behind, this is your year! Head to the store and get your new favorite outfit. Eat that pizza regardless of the calories. Play your favorite song in the car and sing it full blast, who cares what traffic thinks? Even the smallest tidbits of joy can turn a frown upside down when capitalized on consistently. What are you waiting for? Get out there and have a ball (pun intended)!


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