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Stunning Tablescape Ideas for Summer Parties

Here are a few beautiful tablescape ideas for your next summer party.

Infusing the spirit of fun and ease is key to creating an environment your guests feel comfortable in.

Keep it Simple | Outdoor tablescapes don't have to be ornate or vivid in color. Keeping the palate muted allows the food, cocktails, and guests to take center stage. via Eye Swoon

Fruit as a Bowl | Using the ingredients you used in your cocktail as part of the decor adds a wow factor. When creating cocktails with large fruits such as pineapples or watermelon, try creating a second use for them such as using them as punch bowls or plating a dish within them. Or you can use BuzzBallz Cocktails as the cutest table ornament!

Tropical touches | Mixing mud cloth, wooden chargers or plates, brass flatware and tropical plants creates a laid back, yet beautiful setting for a meal. via Home BNC

Style Meets Function | Get creative with your tablescape by covering your table with newspaper and using th colors found on the pages as your inspo for dishware and napkins. via Harlow and Thistle

For beautiful cocktail recipes that you can serve at your next outdoor dinner party, check out our Pinterest.



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