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Thanksgiving Food Pairings

If you asked someone what their favorite part of Thanksgiving was, there’s a good chance they’d at least mention the food. Whether it’s traditional turkey and stuffing or a casserole your uncle brought that you’ve never heard of, food has a way of bringing people together and fostering space for lifetime memories to be made. A day that largely focuses on food needs drinks that are just as memorable. BuzzBallz are deliciously unique cocktails that are perfect for passing around the table. With a dozen unique flavors to choose from, there’s a BuzzBallz that’s suitable to share with any Thanksgiving dish you prepare. Below are some pairings we think will make you say “oh my GOURD that’s tasty!”

Turkey and Forbidden Apple

This pairing is reminiscent of two popular nostalgic fall activities: the turkey farm and the apple orchard. Pairing the toughness of the turkey meat with the crispness of the BuzzBallz Forbidden Apple creates the bold flavor needed for a main course. With a blend of sweet flavors from both the turkey and cocktail and a tinge of tartness, your tongue will be very thankful for you.

Mashed Potatoes and Tequila ‘Rita

Need to pair some pep with your plain potatoes? Try a BuzzBallz Tequila ‘Rita. Vibrant with zest and sweetness, this cocktail will add a full flavor profile to the dish along with adding to the smoothness of the potatoes, making for a velvety combined swallow. The cocktail also provides a proper and refreshing cooling to the heat of the dish. With a little bit of saltiness in your mashed potatoes, you could consider this combo on the rocks!

Rolls and Choc Tease

Whether it’s sweet rolls or a more bland bread, a BuzzBallz Choc Tease will add a rich and creamy layer to your loaf. The dense parts of the bread will be softened with the cocktail, leaving room for the airy parts to be coated with a smooth chocolate taste that when combined nourishes your savory and sweet cravings alike. Dare we suggest you can even dip the rolls in your cocktail?

Green Beans and Chili Mango

By themselves, green beans can be a little tasteless. Luckily there’s a BuzzBallz Chili Mango for that. The Chili Mango brings a tangy twist to the freshness of the beans, while the earthy flavor notes of the beans appropriately refine the spice kick from the BuzzBallz. When combined, this colorful concoction of cocktail and greens produces a newfound motivation to eat your veggies.

Pumpkin Pie and Espresso Martini

After a day of family and feasting, it’s time to get your just desserts. Hit the couch with a slice of pie and a BuzzBallz Espresso Martini. The simple sweetness and creaminess of the pie will pair nicely with the boldness and aromatic java taste of the Espresso Martini, both combining for a smooth and satisfactory pairing. And with all that tryptophan, you could use a little caffeine kick.

A Quick Word on Cranberries

And finally, we’d be remiss to not suggest adding a little bit of Cran Blaster to your cranberry sauce. We think that one’s pretty self-explanatory. 😉

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