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The Best BuzzBallz for Your Spring Break Trip Location

Spring break will be here soon, and there’s a lot of questions you have to consider. Where are you going to go? What are you going to do when you’re there? And how are you going to bring yourself to look at your bank account when the trip is over? But the most important question in our mind is simple: what are you going to drink? To us, the perfect cocktail can make any great moment even greater, and we want to make sure your Spring Break trip is one to remember with all five senses, especially taste. We’ve compiled a list of the best BuzzBallz to drink based on the type of vacay you might be going on. Take it from us, you’ll want to update your pre-trip grocery list asap.

Let’s Go to the Beach, Beach

It’s a pretty popular pastime to hit the beach for Spring Break. If you find yourself somewhere sunny and sandy soon, we think you should stock up on Chili Mango BuzzBallz. Tangy and sweet with a fair share of spice, these BuzzBallz emulate the sizzle of the sun along with the refreshment of a tropical twist. If spice isn’t your thing but you’re still looking for something zesty with your besties, give our Tequila ‘Rita BuzzBallz a go. Filled with lime and agave flavor, there’s still plenty of sweetness for a smooth sip, but it comes with a potent punch of tartness sure to keep you alert to whatever good times the beach has for you. If the beach isn’t your thing but you like the idea of being there, you can always find your paradise in our Lotta Colada.

The Mountains are Calling

Maybe getting sand everywhere doesn’t sound too appealing. Maybe the perfect Spring Break is somewhere off grid where the only noise you want to hear is nature calling. Mountain town getaways are often quaint, but that doesn’t mean your choice of cocktail can’t be bold! In your case, we’d recommend our Cran Blaster or Forbidden Apple. Both filled with fruity flavor and a crisp finish, these cocktails are representative of fruit and plants coming back in season after the cold winter, and can be ideal companions after a long day of hiking or hitting the slopes.

There’s No Place Like Home

Vacation really isn’t your thing. You’re happy right where you are. And that’s ok! This Spring Break might be the perfect time to catch up on reading, video games, sleep, or work (actually, hopefully not work). If you’re going to be keeping it cozy that week, we think our Espresso Martini suits your vibe. The perfect blend of your morning cup of joe and anytime cocktail, this BuzzBallz is bold and aromatic, providing all the good vibes for your staycation. Not a coffee drinker? That’s ok! Try our Choc Tease! As the name implies, this dessert cocktail made with real cream and chocolate is the perfect nightcap to a long day of, well, hopefully nothing. It’s Spring Break! You deserve to indulge a little.

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