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The Perfect HoliDATE - Buzzballz

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The Perfect HoliDATE

It’s officially the holidays, and love is in the air. Whether you’re neck deep in the cuffing season search or already bundled up with a boo, the holidays are a magical time for a great date. We’ve put our planning hats on and compiled a list of what we think would make for a stellar holiday date (a holidate, if you will). We give you permission to use these ideas, but don’t blame us when your holidate becomes a memory you’ll never forget. And even if you’re thriving #single, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying these activities with your besties, just make sure you still get the BuzzBallz.

The Date is Your Oyster

While the day is young, the decisions are endless, but we recommend a simple yet fun activity. Have an arts and crafts contest making paper snowflakes or gingerbread houses. Do some holiday gift shopping together or make your own gifts. Go to a Christmas tree farm and look at trees, or a bookstore to read your favorite holiday stories to each other. Hit up a thrift store and try to find the ugliest Christmas sweater. However you begin your date, start it strong with something fun, or someTHINGS fun if you’re feeling adventurous!

A Baker’s Paradise

After all that activity, surely it must be time to eat. Order some of your favorite takeout to have on hand and save the rest for the kitchen! It’s time for a cookie decorating competition. Bake your favorite kinds of cookies and see who can add the cutest (or most horrifyingly hilarious) decorations. Make a cup of hot cocoa while you’re at it to stay warm and motivated. Maybe even put a little BuzzBallz Eggnog, Choc Tease or Espresso Martini in your hot cocoa. We certainly won’t tell.

Destination Decoration

After dinner, put on your favorite holiday bops, because it’s time to get down and decorate. Whatever your vision may be, get your place feeling festive. As you decorate, tell stories of holidays prior and learn a bit more about your date’s, you’ll probably find some commonalities! Use some leftover BuzzBallz as Christmas tree ornaments or affix them over some holiday lights. If by the end of it you think there’s more room to fill with knick knacks and tinsel, head to the store and pick out the quirkiest item you can find together as a little memento of this lovely date. Oh, and also pick up some BuzzBallz while you’re there. This also means you’ll get to look at some Christmas lights!

Movie Magic

It’s time to end the night on a high note. Grab some BuzzBallz and blankets and make your way to the couch for a holiday movie marathon. Whether you’re going for the cozy classics or a more recent release, enjoy the company, the warm fire, and, of course, the BuzzBallz. Make a game out of who can quote classic lines the fastest, or pick the movie by doing charades and having the other guess which movie you’re acting out. If this holidate went as lovely as we’re envisioning, all that’s left to do is say goodnight and plan out the next one!

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