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Three Flavors that Pair Well with a Fruity Cocktail

Food pairing sounds like something you get a certification in in the south of France and you’re required to speak through your nose. However, it doesn’t have to be the high art many make it out to be out. It’s all about understanding which flavor profiles overpower others and which are complimentary. As a home chef or bartender, some flavor combos will have to come from trial and error, but there are some general principals that can help you pair your food with a fruity cocktail like a pro. Here are a few tips.

Spicy foods

Break out the Carolina Reaper chips; actually, don’t. Sweetness is the enemy of spice, but not to that degree. Serving dishes that have jalapenos, habaneros, and peppers in that Scoville heat range will pair well with sweet cocktails and make those dishes a bit more bearable. It also helps when the cocktail has a dairy base such as Horchata or Choc Tease, but the richness may not always pair well with the dish. So, generally, a fruity cocktail is best here. Great options are peach, strawberry and apple.

Smoky foods

When your Uncle Bobby breaks out the barbecue sandals, it’s time for a fruity cocktail. The smoky flavor of barbecue, whether you opt for a dry rub, spicy sauce, or a sweet sauce, compliments fruity cocktails very well. Smoked and blackened meats pair well with sweet cocktails, as well, such as the peach, strawberry and apple BuzzBallz.

Light Meats

Salmon and chicken take on the flavor of the seasoning they’re cooked with. So, these meats are the perfect candidates for meats to form your meal around if you have a hankering for a fruity cocktail. White meats, in general, such as porkchops and turkey tend to be light in distinct flavor without seasoning and won’t be overpowered by a sweet cocktail.

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