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Turn your home into a tropical oasis

It may be awhile before you can feel sand between your toes. So, bring all of the island vibes to you by turning your home into a tropical oasis. Here are a few simple tips to transport you to your happy place.


Plants, plants and more plants

One thing there is no shortage of in any island getaway is lush, green plants. So, surrounding yourself with greenery is an easy way to make your home feel like a little escape from the cold. A quick scroll through the hashtag #plantmama on IG will give you tons of inspo for your indoor jungle. Monsteras, Pothos and Philodendron plants are all popular plants that are easy to take care of for even the palest of green thumbs. Though this is controversial, if you just don’t feel like taking care of plants, there are lots of artificial plants on the market today that look pretty realistic.

Invest in some luxurious, white sheets

There’s nothing like waking up in a hotel. They always have the softest, coolest sheets with duvets that are the perfect weight for the best sleep ever. With a little research, and not a lot of money, you can find hotel quality sheets, shams, duvets and more to level up your slumber. 

Global markets are your friend

Pillows, rugs, artifacts and art from other countries are great additions to your current decor. Authentic textures, colors, patterns and traditional art from your favorite destinations are key to transforming your space. There are lots of online stores showcasing the wares and art from people around the world. Thrift stores are also a great option if you prefer to shop in a store because there are lots of old, one-of-a-kind items with lots of character that, undoubtedly, have a story behind them.

Don’t forget the scents

Many of our fondest memories have a scent attached to them. For you, the scent of ocean air or fresh fruit may be the perfect add to your space. There are tons of candles, diffuser oils, room sprays and waxes formulated to usher in the island vibes. 

Sip a tropical cocktail

Reward yourself for a job well done by enjoying a signature cocktail. BuzzBallz Cocktails Lotta Colada is great on its own chilled and poured over ice. It also tastes great blended with ice and topped with a few pineapple chunks. 

For more summer cocktail inspo, check us out on Pinterest!


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