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Thanksgiving Table Setting Tips - Buzzballz

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Thanksgiving Table Setting Tips

Though you may already have your menu and cocktails covered (BuzzBallz have entered the chat), the details in the table setting for your Thanksgiving dinner are also important. A beautiful tablescape can make your attendees feel special and usher in a comforting vibe. Here are a few ideas on how you can set your table for the next Thanksgiving feast.

Choose a centerpiece.

Whether you use flowers, fruit, or items around your home, pick a simple centerpiece that inspires you. Flowers are always a good choice with their variety and foliage. Fruit is also a good choice and can be placed in a pretty basket or bowl. Either way, you don’t want to make it too large that people cannot see over it but not too small that it doesn’t add visual interest. Find that happy medium in your centerpiece.

Pick place mats and chargers.

Place mats and chargers ought to be simple because they’re underneath the plates. Even still, both help bring the table setting as a whole together.

Decide on dishware.

To elevate the experience, opt for beautiful, simple plates or ornate china. Though the food will taste delicious no matter what it’s placed on, plates take up a lot of space on the table and have a large influence on the tablescape being set.

Choose your flatware.

In recent years, there have been lots of trends in flatware veering away from the traditional silver. Today, you have lots of options. Look at your flatware as accessories for an ensemble. Champagne, copper, iridescent, matte black, gold: there is so much variety in flatware to be explored for your tablescape.

Pick out some napkins.

If you have an intricate table runner or gorgeous plates you want to show off, then make sure the napkins are more understated. If you have ornate napkins that you want to make a focal point of the setting, keep the plates a bit more understated. Though these are best practices, you craft the vibe of your dinner and are free to mix colors, patterns, fabrics, etc. to opt for a more eclectic look, if desired. There are ways to make this look elegant, as well. Just as important as the appearance of the napkins is the fabric they are made of. It’s a waste to buy beautiful napkins that can only be used once and then have to be thrown away. So, opt for cotton, linen or poly-cotton blends to purchase napkins that are beautiful with great absorption and can be thrown in the washing machine with no worries.

Try a place card.

As we all know, being with big groups on Thanksgiving can become hectic. When it comes time to eat, having a place card at each table setting with a name can aid in getting everyone settled and organized for the big meal. If you don’t want to assign seats, you can still utilize a place card on each plate with a word or phrase, such as “thanks” or “blessings.” Either way, a place card can make the table setting feel more special and intimate.

Break out the beautiful cocktail glasses.

Whether you plan on playing kitchen bartender or you’re opting for spicing up your BuzzBallz cocktails with a gorgeous garnish, you’ll want to think about the glassware you’ll be serving drinks in. Just like the flatware, the cocktail glasses can be seen as the jewelry of an outfit, it accentuates the vibe you’re going for with your tablescape. In today’s trends, many designers are playing with color. Opt for ornate, jewel-toned glasses or go more minimal with colored, hand-blown stemware.

Entertaining a large group of family and friends can be a challenge, but finding the right cocktails to serve doesn’t have to be. Check out our Pinterest for a few batch cocktail recipes!


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