Party Drinks Made Simple with BuzzBallz Biggies


Serving up party drinks with bold, natural flavors doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck in the kitchen muddling fruits all night. Your guests have hands! Let them help themselves to a cocktail by creating a punch station. If you keep it fully stocked with cups, beverage napkins and any mixer or garnish you think your guests may want, you won’t ever have to miss out on the fun.

This punch station takes no time to assemble and the prep is super simple.

No matter if you’re making a fruit Biggies Punch or a Chocolate Tease Biggies Punch, you’ll need a large punch bowl and a ladle.

And, we know what you’re thinking. “You’re suggesting I make a Chocolate punch? Why is this even a thing?” *insert surgical mask emoji* Yes, hasty reader. We’re suggesting you make a chocolate punch. Before we get to that, let’s talk about fruit punch.

Fruit-based Biggies Punch

In order to keep your fruit-based Biggies cold all night, you have two options. You throw ½ a gallon of sorbet into your punch bowl and pour a Biggies around it.

You put a huge hunk of ice into the punch bowl and pour the Biggies around it. To do this, try filling a gelatin mold with water hours or days ahead of time and freezing it so you can place that ice in the bowl right before the party. Add a little pow to your punch by throwing some fruit of your choice into the water you plan to freeze. To release your ice, place the mold ice side up in lukewarm water to slightly melt the edges of the ice. Then, flip it over into the bowl prior to pouring in the Biggies.

When it’s time to pour your Biggies into the bowl, feel free to drop a few ingredients into the punch to add to the flavor and presentation, such as sage for the Stiff Lemonade or sliced strawberries for the Tequila ‘Rita. Pour in some lime soda for fizz. To make it easier to self serve, bypass the bowl and go for a large container with a spigot and regular ice cubes, as pictured above. You can also spice up your party drinks by having some festive straws or party favors at the station

Chocolate Biggies Punch

If you’re serving Chocolate Tease, skip the hunk of mold of ice and scoop roughly half a gallon of your favorite smooth ice cream into the punch bowl. Then, pour your Chocolate Tease over it and top it with white chocolate shavings, if you’d like a little garnish. You can also pulverize some Oreos and place them in a bowl for guests to dust the top of their cocktail with some Oreo crumbs.

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