Choc Tease: The Chocolate Lover’s Dream


Choc Tease has made quite the commotion and fans all over the nation are begging “please”! The oh-so-good guilty pleasure recently made its debut at a holiday tradeshow and not only was the hit of the party, but the flavor is already buzzing with fans all over social media who anticipate it to be the best flavor yet.

So go ahead and indulge! The vodka-based cocktail mixed to perfection with cream liquor and orange wine is now available in Memphis, Tennessee, some parts of Illinois, Southern California, Nebraska, and Indiana. Choc Tease also rolls-out just before the new year in Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Kentucky and South Carolina.

Choc Tease can be enjoyed as an outstanding dessert drink! Pour it into a chilled cocktail glass for a sophisticated twist of a rich and creamy chocolate martini. Pair it with your favorite pie or cupcake during this holiday season. And remember, BuzzBallz is always shaken, not stirred!

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